Thursday, August 30, 2012


Polkadot Prints Geometric Stationery
Here's a couple of new designs I'm working on for listing in the shop. Move aside chevron. Geometric is the new black!
Polkadot Prints Geometric Stationery Polkadot Prints Geometric Stationery
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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I unpacked our last boxes on Friday - oh what a feeling! And you know the one thing I have been hankering to do since we moved in to our apartment, is to bust out my baking supplies and put this kitchen through it's paces. I've had images of decadent layers cakes floating through my mind, so on the weekend, I baked. And I loved the process just as much as the finished cake.
 Something I love here in Canada is the combination of chocolate & peanut butter. There is something about that sweet & salty combo that hits the spot. So a Reese's inspired cake it was. I used a choc cake recipe of my own and based the middle peanut butter layer on this recipe. Delish!
Then it was time to sit down and savour a magazine from home my mum brought me (real paper one...non online!). I've been saving it just for this occasion. Feet up. Cake cut. Ahhhhh. Bliss! Magazines & me time are a real energizer for me.

How do you treat yourself and take time out to regroup? Is it even a priority to you? I'd love to hear your tactics to staying fun and effective in all you do.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012


I can't believe my boy is 4! Sometimes I look at him and wonder if I'm really a mum of a kid that big?

He is such a 'boy, boy'. A fan of lego, dragons, cars, transformers, tying things up and running. Boy does he love to run! He lives life at 100%. Draining when he's on the go, but so worth it when he loves big too. "I love you so, sooooo much-er" or just liked tonight "I so loved that (dinner) it was super beautiful". This kid is awesome.

Amongst all our moving and unpacking & visitors I decided if I did some cute invitations & baked and decorated a cake for his special day, it would be a win. He had long-requested the AWW Racing car cake so we went with that as a theme. I'll share his invites next week. I think they turned out pretty ok!

 Till then, enjoy this weeks weekend whip around and have a good weekend!

:: DIY Marble Maze
:: Levi's Second & Third birthday parties
:: Cool shirt
:: I want to make something like this for my kids' room
:: Back to school tags (freebie) maybe in conduction with this idea

Friday, August 24, 2012


While designing a new DIY I got a little carried away and created a new product for my shop especially for you.

I'm always thinking of ideas to occupy little people when travelling. I think theses mini tic tac toe sets are a winner for little people on the go. You could use these for party favours or birthday gifts, or give to a child about to head off on an adventure. I know I really appreciated friends who gave Levi gifts for the plane when we flew here to Canada. Or why not keep in your handbag for dr's waits, cafe visits or just 'bored' moments! I think grown up's would secretly enjoy playing these too!

I have kicked this range off with my space and ice cream designs, but I'll see how they go and might add more designs if they're popular. Each bag contains it's own board and two designs of tic tac toe pieces which  have velcro on the back so they stay put when your kids are playing on the go, and then they pack up all cute in their own little bag.

Don't you think they would come in handy?

These travel games are available for purchase in my shop. Get in quick before they go! 

Shrinky Mini Travel Games Shrinky Mini Travel Games Shrinky Mini Travel Games
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I mentioned on Friday that my parents were visiting with us over the weekend. Well, they arrived! It was so lovely to see them, and to talk, talk & talk. And in between talking, we visited the mall, zoo, went on a date (woop!) and celebrated a little boy's 4th birthday; we packed a lot in! I didn't even get my big camera out a lot because I just wanted to just enjoy. That's when a phone comes in so handy, don't you think? (Totally loving Instagram for this. You can get a glimpse into my world & follow @polkadotprints).

It was all tears at the airport, and our house is a little bit emptier now. Time to distract myself with some creative projects I think! : )

Images// Polkadot Prints via Instagram

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Duchess Bake Shop Duchess Bake Shop
I visited a gorgeous bakery/cafe here in Edmonton this week. So french. So pretty. So delicious & So happy. It's called the Duchess Bake Shop and well worth the visit. Thanks to Kerryn for the recommendation. I'll definitely be back, as there's lots more things to try. (Won't my slim-fit jeans be happy?! :) Levi was so excited with his chosen pastry, I'm sure it was the winner because of the fancy chocolate on top!

I am excited to have my parents visiting us from Australia just for a few days over the weekend. Yay! Really looking forward to seeing them and catching up on the past few months since we left Australia.

Here's a few things from my internet travels in this edition of the weekend whiparound::

:: Some great techy ideas from Poppytalk particularly like #4 & #7 is kind of fun!
:: Weight loss simulator (a little bit of fun, but maybe a good motivator not to go back to the bakery!)
:: Add some personality to your legs!
:: Send your invites with a little glam

Enjoy, & happy weekend to you! Jordan xo

Friday, August 17, 2012


Polkadot Prints Princess Printables, Princess party based on Polkadot Prints Printable princess collection Polkadot Prints Princess Printables, Princess party based on Polkadot Prints Printable princess collection
Wowsers! This is what being a little girl is all about! Dress ups, frills and faraway kingdoms. Linda from Bubble & Sweet sent me these photos of her daughters recent 8th birthday party using my Princess printable collection. Linda is amazing and bakes everything herself. Who's craving  a big slice of that delicious looking cake?
Thanks so much for sharing Linda and for using my designs for Lilli's birthday. So grateful!

Linda has provided gorgeous cookies for many of my events & photo shoots in the past (check out this & this), and you might remember another of her daughters parties - with the infamous dress-up cookies? My fave collaboration we did together was this beach party. And please head to her blog and check out that beautiful cake in more detail! Yumm-o!

For more princess inspiration take a look at this party.

Princess collection personalised & available for your own event here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The school year is about to begin here in Canada. The long summer break is winding down and there are new beginnings, programs gearing up again for the school year, along with anticipation of some cooler weather.

All the shops have stationery sales happening at the moment. And being a big stationery lover, I was inspired by all the notebooks, paper and pencils, and made some little treat bags over the weekend. Easy enough to pop in your kids' lunchbox; a special note of encouragement or happy surprise in the early days of a new year. 
Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints Photobucket
Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints
:: Notebook paper bags or whatever you have on hand (brown lunch sacks anyone?)
:: Round Chalkboard labels
:: Chalk
:: Lunchbox treats - I used yoghurt covered pretzels
Photobucket Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints
I used these adhesive chalk-it labels which made it really easy. Just a matter of peeling, sticking and then writing a message. Filling with your kids favourite snacks and seal with, of course, a staple.
Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints
Your kids will be dancing just like this when they find a little love note from you in their lunchbox on their first days of school. Top mum award!

I'd love to hear what you think. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comments section below. I'll always respond, so check back for answers or leave your email. I love reading what you have to say! Thanks for visiting. Jordan xo

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Friday, August 10, 2012


It's time to get all masculine, grunt a few times and head into the great outdoors! 

We celebrated fathers day earlier in the year here in Canada, so this freebie is especially for all my Aussie friends & family. (Although you could pin and file it for next year if you're somewhere else in the world!) 
This new design was inspired by life at the lodge, surrounded by wildlife, and wilderness. A little hunting inspired, which I thought your dad's & husbands might enjoy for Fathers day next month. I even like it for a male birthday or something...would you like to see more in this design I wonder?

Download this free fathers day gift pocket printable here

You might want to also check out this matching gift idea, or this pack or this design from Fathers Day's in the past. 

:: Always link back to this original post and not to the downloaded file directly. And please don't be naughty and claim these piccies as your own. Thank you for playing nice! xo ::
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Thursday, August 9, 2012


One thing that really stands out here in Canada is the appreciation for the four seasons. I'm guessing since there is cold & snow for so many months of the year, when spring & summer arrive, people really embrace it and make the most of the sunny days. It seems like every other person owns an RV and uses it on summer holidays or 'vacation'. Kids migrate to splash parks and it's festival and outdoor time for everyone. 

We recently visited the St Albert farmers markets. Food, craft and produce. It was such a bustling, fun place to be. I'll definitely head back there sans kids in the next couple of weeks! (and did you ever have a painted rock? - see pic below!)
St Albert Farmers Mkt St Albert Farmers Mkt St Albert Farmers Mkt St Albert Farmers Mkt
P.S. We had a big weekend moving into our new apartment. Finally painted and got our wordly goods out of storage. There are still boxes to unpack and a house to make a home, but it feels good to have some resemblance of normal back. Here's to regular creative time!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Talking with a friend yesterday, I was reminded of this Elevation CD artwork I designed for 96five radio station in Brisbane at the end of last year. I thought I should post it before it gets superseded by this years version!
It was my last job before finishing up my freelance work in Australia. I liked the neon colours + high school sketches. It was such a fun project and for a good cause too. Win!
Photobucket Elevation CD 96five Elevation CD 96five Elevation CD 96five
Images :: Polkadot Prints 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Photobucket We are moving into our apartment later this week. I'm so looking forward to it! While it's the first time in our marriage that we have lived in such a small space. (Ironic since we now have two children and if we ever needed our half-acre backyard it's now!) But, the up-side is we don't have to buy a whole lot to furnish the place.

On the weekend, I picked out the new paint (how awesome that you get to paint a rental?!) And, I find my spare time at the moment is spent looking for furniture for our new place. Sussing out the what's what & who's who of homewares shops in a new country. And so very thankful for some familiar ones like Ikea. What would we do without it?

Images :: Lounge // Throw // Cushion // Basket // Mirror // Bar Stool