Saturday, August 18, 2012


Duchess Bake Shop Duchess Bake Shop
I visited a gorgeous bakery/cafe here in Edmonton this week. So french. So pretty. So delicious & So happy. It's called the Duchess Bake Shop and well worth the visit. Thanks to Kerryn for the recommendation. I'll definitely be back, as there's lots more things to try. (Won't my slim-fit jeans be happy?! :) Levi was so excited with his chosen pastry, I'm sure it was the winner because of the fancy chocolate on top!

I am excited to have my parents visiting us from Australia just for a few days over the weekend. Yay! Really looking forward to seeing them and catching up on the past few months since we left Australia.

Here's a few things from my internet travels in this edition of the weekend whiparound::

:: Some great techy ideas from Poppytalk particularly like #4 & #7 is kind of fun!
:: Weight loss simulator (a little bit of fun, but maybe a good motivator not to go back to the bakery!)
:: Add some personality to your legs!
:: Send your invites with a little glam

Enjoy, & happy weekend to you! Jordan xo

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