Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The school year is about to begin here in Canada. The long summer break is winding down and there are new beginnings, programs gearing up again for the school year, along with anticipation of some cooler weather.

All the shops have stationery sales happening at the moment. And being a big stationery lover, I was inspired by all the notebooks, paper and pencils, and made some little treat bags over the weekend. Easy enough to pop in your kids' lunchbox; a special note of encouragement or happy surprise in the early days of a new year. 
Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints Photobucket
Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints
:: Notebook paper bags or whatever you have on hand (brown lunch sacks anyone?)
:: Round Chalkboard labels
:: Chalk
:: Lunchbox treats - I used yoghurt covered pretzels
Photobucket Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints
I used these adhesive chalk-it labels which made it really easy. Just a matter of peeling, sticking and then writing a message. Filling with your kids favourite snacks and seal with, of course, a staple.
Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints
Your kids will be dancing just like this when they find a little love note from you in their lunchbox on their first days of school. Top mum award!

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  1. These are adorable! As a teacher, I love the idea of these for favor bags for my wedding next summer. I have pinned these for later use! x

    Kim @whatpeggysaid

  2. Thanks Kim. Oh what a great idea for your wedding favours. Love pinterest for things like that. xo

  3. Thats grait :) even when U don't have kids U can do it for youre lover ;) wery loveli thing :)


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