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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Kids' Quiet Bag Essentials | by Polkadot Prints
With no family close by for those short 'can you mind my kids?' appointments, Levi & Ellie have been hiking along with me more than usual in the past year. One thing that helps me with the waiting and entertaining on the go, is having a quiet bag hanging in the hall cupboard, ready to grab on the way out the door.

I was planning on making and designing my own freezer stencil bag (because I now live in a country that actually sells freezer paper and I've been itching to try it). But then I found these bags at Forever 21 for $1.50...and...well, you just can't beat that. (thanks Christine for the heads up!).

If you think one of these would work at your place, you can of course put whatever in it you like in it. But to get things going, here's ours. Let's take a look inside:
Kids' Quiet Bag Essentials | by Polkadot Prints
Kids' Quiet Bag Essentials | by Polkadot Prints
Something to colour - think crayons or pencils (textas don't look too good on a Dr's couch!), stencils, stickers, colouring book, activity book, blank notebook etc.
Kids' Quiet Bag Essentials | by Polkadot Prints
Something to play with - These wooden cars, game & beading tube I got at Superstore for like $2 or $3 each. But think, silly putty, little dolls, paper dolls, dinosaurs...whatever you kid is into. For me, these toys are just for the quiet bag. They don't get played with at home. It keeps them special and engages for a bit longer! Every second of quiet counts...
Kids' Quiet Bag Essentials | by Polkadot Prints
Something to read - These are what is currently in ours, but change them up regularly to keep them guessing!
Kids' Quiet Bag Essentials | by Polkadot Prints
Then, hey presto! Hang it in your hall cupboard or with your handbag so it's easy to just grab and go as you're walking out the door.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This post turned out to be a lot more text and photos than I'd first planned...just a warning, but read on to hear where we are & what happend to the lodge :)

Today is my 500th blog post. Kinda crazy. Kinda cool. I don't even want to go back and look at my first post, I cringe! I am so thankful I've grown and changed over the years. I wish I could share more of life with you, but I am learning to just be in this season of raising young children. I have more ideas than time allows which can be frustrating. And it's hard at times when I'm tempted to look around & see what accolades and accomplishments I could achieve, but I am reminded to keep my blinders on, look straight ahead, be me, live in the 'now' with a vision of the future. So much more like me.

I was going to write about our first year of living in Canada today, so when I saw the old 500 post mark, it couldn't be better timed I don't think. While my sister was visiting, we marked our one year anniversary here. On the actual date, we went out for a bit of a ten pin bowling session followed by dinner. It was such a fun family activity. We need to do that more!
Polkadot Prints in Canada photo 130506_One-Year-Lead_zps6e1e7efb.png
When I reflect back on our move here; we left Australia with a 3mth, newborn baby, who is now walking around & chatting; We had all our stuff in packed up in boxes for months, and now I feel like we have created a home. We knew nothing of the banking, phone, and health systems here, let alone the different grocery brands and products, and now I'm feeling a little more pro in all those things. It's interesting that you can live in an English speaking, developed country, but still feel a sense of culture shock! Oh those early days...I'm so glad they are behind me! (Have any of you moved overseas and felt like that?)
Polkadot Prints in Canada photo 130506_OneYear4_zpsb72c0996.png Polkadot Prints in Canada photo 130506_One-Year-Out_zpsb753a382.png  photo 130506_One-Year-Travel_zpsd8dcb022.png Polkadot Prints in Canada photo 130506_OneYear20_zpsd66b994b.png
Originally you may remember we moved to Canada for this lodge. Making it a little more mod, and running it with my hubby's family. Well, lets just say things didn't work out the way we planned (let's hear it for family business - haha!!) and so last August we moved to Edmonton for work for Dave. I never really mentioned it here because we thought it was just temporary. But we've been here for 8mths now. When we arrived in Edmonton we knew two couples, and now I feel like we have connected in with a church, school and a social group of friends. It's becoming so much more familiar and is better for our family than the remoteness of the lodge.
Polkadot Prints in Canada photo 130506_OneYear3_zpsa07c183a.png
We have been living in a two bedroom apartment for the first time in our married lives...I'll have to show you around sometime.  But that will be for another day!

We don't know what the future holds for certain (but who really does anyway?). We have some dreams and plans, so we are just wisely waiting to see when & how that all works out, and we really can't say where we will be in a years time from now, coz honestly I never thought a year ago I'd be living in Edmonton of all places. (I hear Bamuda is lovely though...that's tempting after experiencing the longest winter of my life!) But I'm not complaining. Living 10 mins from one of the biggest malls in the world is kind of a perk, and does something in balancing out the 'too cold to even go outside' moments.
Polkadot Prints in Canada photo 130506_OneYear25_zpsd6c6f08f.png I don't know if you even care about where I'm living, but there is a part of me that feels like I've been keeping a secret from you for the past few months. Of course that is never my intention. Like I said earlier, I don't have time to post all I want to about my design world, let alone my personal world! But, I have had a few of you lovely regular readers asking me about the lodge, so I hope that fills you all in. And the rest who didn't ask....thanks for reading anyway! Here's to adventures ahead, I've kind of just invited you all in on the journey! :)

Thanks for being here!
Jordan xo

Images :: Top to bottom, L-R // Family Bowling night to celebrate our one year in Canada // The lake just steps from our lodge // The bear bell I put on my pram when going for a walk at the joke! // Logging country // Canada Post // Even the toilets are different // Yellow school buses are for real, not just the movies // Moose & snow plows on the loose, just everyday signs here // Quadbiking at the lodge // Setting off to Edmonton // Dave & Ellie reflecting on life // Our first 'Fall' was beautiful, I now know why people love it so much!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Travelling with Kids | Passenger packs by Polkadot Prints
When I went home in November, I was travelling on my own with two kids - a 4yr old and 10mth old (I know, crazy!!) Given the happy results from our travel packs last year, I knew I needed to make some for this return trip. 
They really are a great way to grease the wheels when you plonk down next to a stranger and have two small children hanging off you! "Happy 15hrs stuck in this confined space with us!!"

This version was a simple Kraft envelope with a sticker on the front, and note inside (different for each leg of the journey). Then I popped in a couple of chocolates to add to the sweetness!
If you would like to make your own packs you can download the free stickers & blank notes here.

I got the kids to give the packs to the air stewards in our section of the plane, and to the people in surrounding seats. I did about 20 for each direction, but did have some left over, so maybe I'd do a few less next time.

Both the kids were fantastic, I couldn't have asked for a better trip, especially being on my own. Strangers and airlines truly are so helpful when you have young children. So, so thankful!
Travelling with Kids | Passenger packs by Polkadot Prints Travelling with Kids | Passenger packs by Polkadot Prints Travelling with Kids | Passenger packs by Polkadot Prints Travelling with Kids | Passenger packs by Polkadot Prints Travelling with Kids | Passenger packs by Polkadot Prints

Travelling with Kids | Passenger packs by Polkadot Prints
Images // Jordan - Polkadot Prints

Friday, October 5, 2012


DIY Travel Snack Packs by Polkadot Prints -
It's the thanksgiving long weekend here this weekend and we are taking a last minute road trip to BC to see Dave's family. I'm looking forward to the turkey, the family and fun, but...the car trip? Not so much.

To help break up the trip and to space out the much depended on snacks, I made some interactive labels & attached them to little bags. (I haven't had time to whip up these freebies, so it was simple for me this time round.)

So round up your favourite road-trip snacks and lets get going!
DIY Travel Snack Packs by Polkadot Prints -
// Grab some bags (paper bags would also work)
// Twist tiesand
// Pens or markers.
DIY Travel Snack Packs by Polkadot Prints - DIY Travel Snack Packs by Polkadot Prints - DIY Travel Snack Packs by Polkadot Prints -
Then get creative writing and decorating your tags with milestones or things you'll hopefully see on your trip. Easy, and hopefully, just hopefully it will make it for a much more enjoyable drive! Happy Trails to you!
DIY Travel Snack Packs by Polkadot Prints - DIY Travel Snack Packs by Polkadot Prints -
Images // Copyright by Polkadot Prints

Friday, August 24, 2012


While designing a new DIY I got a little carried away and created a new product for my shop especially for you.

I'm always thinking of ideas to occupy little people when travelling. I think theses mini tic tac toe sets are a winner for little people on the go. You could use these for party favours or birthday gifts, or give to a child about to head off on an adventure. I know I really appreciated friends who gave Levi gifts for the plane when we flew here to Canada. Or why not keep in your handbag for dr's waits, cafe visits or just 'bored' moments! I think grown up's would secretly enjoy playing these too!

I have kicked this range off with my space and ice cream designs, but I'll see how they go and might add more designs if they're popular. Each bag contains it's own board and two designs of tic tac toe pieces which  have velcro on the back so they stay put when your kids are playing on the go, and then they pack up all cute in their own little bag.

Don't you think they would come in handy?

These travel games are available for purchase in my shop. Get in quick before they go! 

Shrinky Mini Travel Games Shrinky Mini Travel Games Shrinky Mini Travel Games
// Images & Concept Copyright to Polkadot Prints

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Since moving to the lodge, we've been doing a lot of travel. Weekends visiting family and even groceries involve hours in the car for us. Inspired by this new way of life, I bring you today's travel DIY.

With summer holidays coming up, I hope you download the free templates and create some of your own interactive snack packs to help make your next road trip a whole lot of fun!
I designed this with Gabrielle of Design Mom, who, herself is heading to the States from France for holidays with her family; a lot of hours of travel for them.

Get the download and details over on Design Mom here.
Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Our little trip to Vancouver was such a blast and so refreshing. I love a good crowd and some decent shopping, so it was perfect! Some of our favourite things were Granville Island markets & Stanley Park. Granville is so arty and colourful - just my kind of thing. There's really cute shops and a public market with food displayed beautifully, which made it a feast for the eyes and the tummy! We were planning to take a ferry over from the city, but it was a little damp that morning  unfortunately .

Thankfully we had one sunny day which was perfect for Stanley park. It was even warm enough for Levi to get into his swimmers for a run through the water playground. If we had more time I would have liked to go to the Aquarium there at the park, but our days were packed full. So, it's on the list for our next visit.

I also got in some shopping for household supplies and essentials. We visited Ikea, Metrotown and even crossed the border to the States on one afternoon. We took the scenic route back to Canada via Fairhaven. I was too busy taking in the scenery to grab a photo, but it was such a beautiful coastal town with quaint village type atmosphere. (Retirement perhaps?!)

Well, now that I've had my city fix, I'm ready to get back into life here on the lake...till next time at least! : )
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(A little too cold for Ellie yet I think! xo)

Friday, June 1, 2012


I've had a couple of recent requests for this Perfect Pair stationery I designed for my sisters twin baby shower (something in the water perhaps?!)
I hadn't realised that with the shop changeover, it wasn't moved over to Etsy. So, I added it yesterday, which means you can now view and purchase this collection in my shop.
I've also just added the 'Flying High' square labels I used for these travel pouches. I've had a heap of interest in these and have finally updated them to the shop! You can find the buffet labels here & the party dots I used for the iron-on transfer here.
Hopefully in time for all of you taking a summer holiday somewhere fun!

Monday, April 16, 2012


When you tell someone you're taking two small children on a 14hr plan trip, you can guarantee there will be an "oh, you're brave", "have you got drugs?" or something similar. We all know one of the few things worse than a crying or whingy child, would be a crying and whingy child in the confines of a plane cabin!

Hence the idea for this little peace offering to fellow passengers on our flight, to break the ice and say "sorry" from the start of the trip.
Photobucket Photobucket
I wrote a little note from Levi & Ellie to fellow passengers, with some mini Easter Eggs (we travelled on the Easter weekend) and some earplugs. I packaged them in a drawstring muslin bag with an iron-on transfer on the front. I used my plane design to tie it all together (and it matched Levi's marshmallow building tin too). I made about 30 or so - just for those in the surrounding seats and a couple for the stewards serving on our section of the plane.
Photobucket Photobucket
When preparing these, my sister told me how crazy I was making them when I had all these other logistical things on my list to do - "no wonder you're stressed out" she said. I explained to her that the stress now would be worth it when I got on the plane and my child was crying, and because I'd given them a pack, I wouldn't feel the need to apologise all the time. (Say sorry once first up with our little peace offering, and then travel in confidence, I say!) And you know what? It really worked!

The passengers around us were so impressed I got offers for help and even a nearby Grandma who offered cuddles any time I needed it. The stewards we gave it to offered us some lovely extras (win!) and it just got things off on the right foot, so glad I did it!

With such good success, I wonder now, would there be another situation you could use this for besides children? What would you put in your pack?
Images // Copyright Polkadot Prints

Monday, March 12, 2012


I want to create an activity bag for Levi for our long-haul flight. He'll watch movies and play games on the iPad I know, but I wanted to add a few fun things that will occupy him without having a screen in front of his cute little face the whole time. Enter my "Marshmallow Construction Kit"!
Photobucket Photobucket
I used an IKEA Grundtal tin filled with mini marshmallows and toothpicks decorated with a Flying High tin topper. Think skyscraper designs, funny animals or crazy invention. And the real kicker? Photobucket
You get to eat them when you're done. That's few extra minutes of occupied time - bonus! Fourteen hours should fly by don't you think?!

Printable Stationery Collection available for purchase // Flying High