Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Photobucket We are moving into our apartment later this week. I'm so looking forward to it! While it's the first time in our marriage that we have lived in such a small space. (Ironic since we now have two children and if we ever needed our half-acre backyard it's now!) But, the up-side is we don't have to buy a whole lot to furnish the place.

On the weekend, I picked out the new paint (how awesome that you get to paint a rental?!) And, I find my spare time at the moment is spent looking for furniture for our new place. Sussing out the what's what & who's who of homewares shops in a new country. And so very thankful for some familiar ones like Ikea. What would we do without it?

Images :: Lounge // Throw // Cushion // Basket // Mirror // Bar Stool 


  1. Welcome to Canada! From a fellow Graphic designer; Wife of one man; Mother of two children; and lover of life. But from the UK originally. I hope you love it here as much as I do.

  2. Oh so lovely to hear from you! Would love to connect!

  3. You get to paint a rental?! Now that's cool :)

  4. I know, so happy about that, particularly since it's a brown + khaki colour at the moment : )


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