Friday, August 10, 2012


It's time to get all masculine, grunt a few times and head into the great outdoors! 

We celebrated fathers day earlier in the year here in Canada, so this freebie is especially for all my Aussie friends & family. (Although you could pin and file it for next year if you're somewhere else in the world!) 
This new design was inspired by life at the lodge, surrounded by wildlife, and wilderness. A little hunting inspired, which I thought your dad's & husbands might enjoy for Fathers day next month. I even like it for a male birthday or something...would you like to see more in this design I wonder?

Download this free fathers day gift pocket printable here

You might want to also check out this matching gift idea, or this pack or this design from Fathers Day's in the past. 

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  1. What?! Father's Day isn't on the same day worldwide? I never knew that! Ca-razy!

    Loving your blog! Thanks for inspiring : )

  2. Hahaha, I know. Differences in many ways. Who knew? : )

    Glad you enjoyed and maybe you can save it for next year!


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