Monday, February 2, 2015


Freelance Graphic Design for Watoto Charity This year I feel a new love for freelance graphic design work. It's my 'trade', so to speak, and it feels really comfortable to be doing more of it these days. It also provides a great opportunity to work on bigger projects (than stationery) and partner with some great organisations & businesses.

We finished up this Annual report for Watoto later last year and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's something i've done for the past few years for them, but last year I had a bit more creative freedom and we mixed it up just a little. We made it a square size, and added pages to take advantage of some stunning full bleed images (how can you not smile looking at those gorgeous faces?!).
I love the African animal collage on the front to make the year, and the full spread map is another favourite page. We just did a short run of a printed version for key sponsors and donors and then created a full online 'magazine' version for all those interested in Watoto. An annual report is always a big job, but it will be a great tool throughout the year for anyone wanting to get an overview of what they do and the impact they are having. Looking good Watoto!

And don't forget, I am available to freelance for you too! If you need graphic design work from logo's, packaging to brochures, flyers & annual reports, please don't hesitate to send me an email! Freelance Graphic Design for Watoto Charity Annual Report for Watoto Charity Annual Report for Watoto Charity Annual Report for Watoto Charity Annual Report for Watoto Charity icons Annual Report for Watoto Charity photo


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