Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Cream Sundae Baby Shower - Part 2

(The decorate your own biscuit favours were a fun project as people arrived - they are little onesie jumpsuits for those who think it may be a little more like a bell shape!)
So today I thought I'd share a bit more of the finer details of the Ice Cream Sundae Baby Shower. 
Overall, I wanted to keep the design of this table fresh, friendly, and create kind of a summer outdoors old school vibe. Using different mediums like wood, china, tin and greenery helped to keep it friendly and fun!

It all started with the invitation  
Baby Letters - Party shop
My wheat grass didn't end up growing, but Mondo grass saved the day! - planted in Ikea pots 
Wooden Scoops - Wheel & Barrow  
Sundae Cups - Cups from party shop and personalised labels
Glass Vases & White pots - Ikea
Onesie Cookie Cutter - Little Betsy Baker & topped with personalised bag toppers

Hope you enjoyed this little journey into the Ice Cream buffet baby shower! :)

Check out more details of this event here


  1. Looks fabulous! You're one talented lady!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS. Every detail is amazing. Love the signage. Love the brown paper bags used as containers. Very clever and beautiful. I adore the Aussie term for sprinkles- "100s and 1000s"
    Beautiful, fabulous and amazing..Totally inspiring.

  3. LOVE the brown bags you packaged the "sprinkles" in.
    LOVE the wooden spoons.
    LOVE the fact that you had people create their own favors to take home.
    the use of the asian steamer is brilliant.
    LOVE the pink drinks
    and what are those pink licorice-type candy sticks at the top of the post?
    you did a wonderful job!
    it's all beautiful.
    love the attention to detail you put into this.

  4. that is just too cute! Love all of it...

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words ladies! xo

    Jess - the pink sticks are 'Musk sticks'. Maybe an Australian thing?? :)

  6. Gorgeous Jordy...but from you I wouldn't expect anything less!!!!

  7. What a fantastic party idea! The details are adorable!!

  8. Where did you find the soda bottles??? cant find any anuwhere. Love what you have done. Suzy

  9. The bottles are just 'Schweppes' bottles you buy in the supermarket...we drank a lot of soft drink to get this collection! :)

  10. What a lovely details! I love all! Congratulations!

  11. I was wondering where you got the wooden spoons?

  12. Hi Carisha, (I hope you get this, I didn't have an email address linked to you profile I could respond to!)
    The wooden spoons I bought from Lombards Party Shop in Qld Australia. You could also find them online on Etsy, party shops like Shop Sweet Lulu, Sweet Style or TomKat Studio or on eBay.

    I hope that helps and you can find some! : )

  13. Hello,

    I was just wondering where you found the pink twizzlers? Thank you.

  14. They're actually Musk sticks. An Australian only lolly I believe.

  15. Are these printables available for purchase somewhere?

  16. Hi Kristin,
    you can find them in my Etsy shop, but I just emailed you the details : )


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