Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Betsy Baker

Ok, so who loves real mail? me, me, me! And it's even better when it's a parcel right?!
Little Betsy Baker delivered some treats to my door recently. The nicest package I've had in a long time - I so love them! I reminded myself that I am not a chef, nor a cake decorator & so resisted buying everything in their store, but I did score a few things. 

This Onesie textured cookie cutter I am going to use for my sisters baby shower coming up. Not sure how yet, but it *will* be used! And also these cute cupcake papers will match the theme beautifully. 

Not sure how these will be used either - probably not for cupcakes, maybe for some other little treats. As you may be able to tell this baby shower is rolling around in my mind (and not a lot being resolved)! 


  1. I bought gorgeous Christmas cookie cutters from Betsy Baker! Waiting to have a reason to buy these! A friend who just had a bub here made similar shaped biscuits to say THANKS! very cute

  2. ooooo....i MUST go check out little betsy baker right. now. thanks for sharing all of your inspiration for the shower...


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