Monday, February 1, 2010

Eden's Baby Shower Invitations

So drum roll please........
I have designed and printed the invitations to my sister's baby shower which I first mentioned here.  It's coming up in a few weeks. My inspiration was clean, summery, berries, kites, butterflys, icecream!!
What do you think?


  1. LOVE these! Love the patterns in the letters. The choice of type. Love the circle shape! How big were these? Did you mail them? How did you cut out such perfect circles? (Sorry so many questions!)

  2. LOVE this invite design. the colors are wonderful and the matching cups you've posted from the shower are something i completely ADORE!
    found you via our mutual friend, kim @ the tomkat studio.

    and i want to know all about the book suggestion you made to her! *wink*

  3. The party was so inspirational! Awesome job!!!

  4. Thanks girls! Glad you have been inspired! xo
    Jessica, I have my invites digitally offset printed, and then the circle ones are die cut. They are 140mm in diameter and fit in a square 150mm envelope for easy mailing! Hope that helps! :)


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