Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Shower Week - Sundae Cups Sneak Peek

So I officially declare this week 'Baby Shower Week'. The shower is this coming Sunday.It's my second event since starting this whole blog thing, so I'm so excited and can't wait to see how it all comes together! 
I did a little mock up over the weekend of how I want to set everything out, and to make sure I have everything...decorations, favours...still a bit of stuff to design and organise. Here is a little sneek peek of the sundae cups I made. And how cute are these mini wooden scoops? Just perfect for the whole theme! I can't wait to show you the whole deal!

In other baby shower news:

I need the decorative wheat grass to grow! "Please grow, please grow!" Otherwise...I don't know...maybe Boost juice could help me out with their little wheat grass shots! Any other suggestions?

I will be posting some Baby Shower invitations this week, as well as some other hopefully inspiring things relating to the ol' baby shower...come back soon!


  1. I am totally crushing on your cups! I love the pattern! Can't wait to see the rest!

    also, I wonder if you place clear plastic around them - our veggie seedlings LOVE our greenhouse on wheels (basically a plastic cart with a clear plastic covering)

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com

  2. ADORE these cups. Anxiously awaiting more details from the shower...*wink*

  3. These are too cute! What a great way to tie in the theme. Great job!

  4. So, so glad I found your blog -took some searching but worth the wait - lovely. am new to the 'party/blog about it game', but doing an ice-cream party for an adult soon - (will totally credit you for the inspiration on my blog - am now a follower too) All the best, Lou and Jane @ Home Made Parties


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