Monday, November 21, 2011


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I hope you had a lovely weekend! I wanted to start sharing my weekends with you with photos, but....well...let's just say it helps if you take the photos!! I get caught up in the moment and forget till after the event. Oh dear, there's always next weekend!

It's nearing the end of November, so it's almost time to start counting down till Christmas - bring on the advent garlands I say!
Here's the advent I shared last year that we might just be using again! :)
(UPDATE 2014: this garland is now available in my Esty shop for instant download here) Then fill with treats or Christmas activities as you count down to the 25th!

This garland co-ordinates with my Christmas Snowflake collection available in my shop.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE your advent :) I featured it as one of my favorites and would love for you to stop by!


  2. You're so welcome Amanda! Thanks for leaving some love behind here xo
    Your blog is lovely, thanks for sharing this with your readers!

  3. That is very kind of you to write this share for us, thanks a lot

  4. I'm at the first time on your blog! And I like it!

  5. thanks a lot for such a great amount of valuable information shared

  6. This is gorgeous! Is the download still available? The link doesn't work anymore.


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