Thursday, September 20, 2012


Oreo Treat Sticks by
Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

While my shop is on a little holiday, I'm really taking the time to re-assess my work/life balance.
I'm looking at things with a whole new perspective which has been lovely. I'm brainstorming ideas, maybe even a new name (gasp!), I've got the glue gun out more than normal, and I'm getting hands on an back to the crafting that I really love.

So consider this a happy warning that things might be changing around here in the coming months...for the better I think. Lots of fun new party ideas, products in the shop and more of me, which I think has been missing.


Image of some new fun things I'm going to be sharing in the coming weeks! 


  1. New follower.... Good for you! That's great! Good luck with the new exciting things you are brewing. : )

  2. Thanks Mia!

    Chrissie, thanks for stopping by and following. The ideas are still swimming, but can't wait to share. Really appreciate your comments! x


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