Friday, September 21, 2012


4yr old boy toys list
We had to leave a lot of Levi's toys back in Australia when we moved; which is pretty hard for a little kid who doesn't really understand all that's going on around him.

We did bring two of his 'big' toys with us; a box of duplo & his train set. They were helpful in keeping him occupied in the early days. Then we found a couple of great wooden toys at a local toy shop followed by a birthday, which has definitely got toy supplies up again!

With a small apartment, you have to be thoughtful about everything that comes in the door & wants to take up residence. Here's my pick of well-designed, keep-him-occupied boy toys for approx a 4yr old. Perfect for your own family, or some gift-giving hints!

I'm curious to know what you'd add (or take off for that matter!)

1. Rubbish Truck 2. Animal Planet Dino playset 3. Duplo (with at least one piece with wheels!) 4. Car Carrier 5. Finger Paint (or watercolours if you're not up for a mess) 6. Ikea train set


  1. What a dream....leaving all the toys behind and starting over. Robert loves cars and his parking garage with the lift that he winds up. But mostly when dad spends time playing it with him.

  2. Wow, it's uncanny how spot-on this list is! My soon-to-be 4 year old little guy has the train set, car transporter, a similar set of blocks, and has that recycling truck on his wish list! Nice picks. :) I'm sure he would add "anything cars" or any construction vehicle/transportation toy in general. His 3rd birthday was a general cars theme and now I'm prepping for his 4th, which is trains. "Things That Go" is a theme that never gets old with him. :)

    Lisa Frank

  3. Haha all boys seem to be quite similar Lisa! : ) Glad you found it helpful and familiar! Levi is still into all of these toys a year later!


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