Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Forecast is bright

Happy New Year to you! I'm back on deck and have been welcomed back home from holidays with storms and floods in the state we live in. Not a great start to the year...but these are the tropics after all! My husband made it home today after being cut off by floodwater and unable to go any where. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who are dealing with unbelievable loss and disaster. It's sad to watch. 

Other than the drama that is going on, I do love January, it's all shiny and new and the forecast into the months ahead looks good. So many ideas and creative endeavours I would like to achieve this year.  I have colours, designs, styling ideas, craft projects, ribbon, party wear all floating around in my head. It all lays before me, and makes me excited!

As I get back into the rhythm of normal life after holidays, here are a few of my favourite posts from the year gone by. Enjoy!

I made flowers on a stick look nice enough for a wedding
I built a donut cake
I aged a little
I celebrated the arrival of new life
I nearly melted at my first craft market
I celebrated my husband's heritage
And, I stuck cloud-shaped chocolate to a stick
Can't wait to share more party things this year! I hope things are looking just as bright for you... xo 


  1. I adore your work. I love all your ideas especially the ice cream sundae baby shower theme party. I'll be following your blog for ideas. Keep up the great work!


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