Sunday, January 17, 2010

Salem & Jono’s Wedding - Part 1

In all the getting ready and preparations that have gone on over the past few months, I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned my sisters wedding! We celebrated her Kitchen tea a few weeks back. See pics here  And yesterday was the big day as we celebrated her marriage to Jono.

There was a lot of planning, stressing and fun as all the details were sorted out (who remembers that stage of the engagement phase - arrgggg!). But it came together in one beautiful day.

Here are a sneak peek at some photos of the day. I designed all the stationery and ‘brand’ for the wedding, which we applied to table numbers, note boxes, the placecard-bonbonniere combo, seating charts etc. The wedding had a real vintage glamour look. So Salem!

And I’ll have to rummage around to get some photos of the church decorations as my camera was out of action when we set that up. But I have a budget-friendly way of how we created some focus in such a big space…stay tuned!

Definitely a day of relaxing today as my blisters heal from dancing in high heels!


  1. hi! I'm doing a similar centerpiece for my wedding in October... seeing your sister's centerpieces made me doubt mine a lot less! they look gorgeous!

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