Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real Life – DIY Donut birthday cake

Today was my husband’s birthday.

Like most men, he loves food. And one of his weak spots is donuts, and not just any donut will do, it is the Apple Crumble & berry filled donuts from Dreamy donuts that really hit the spot.

 (I am not a big fan of donuts myself, but I actually really like the logo and branding 
of this place, quite retro and fun!)
Dave wanted his cake to be all "donut-y". The birthday cake design brief was:
* It had to be made from donuts,
* There had to be as few gaps as possible, &
* When you cut it you could get different flavours in the one slice (!!)

So this was my attempt this afternoon…

It ended up fulfilling the brief (phew) albeit a little on the ugly/imperfect side. (No smooth sides on this birthday cake!) The chocolate ‘freebie’ made a great feature on top too. I had one happy husband, and really, it’s his day afterall – if he’s happy, I’m happy!  

Had any crazy birthday requests at your place lately?


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