Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bakerella Inspired Plane Cookies!

I have to take a moment to be so chuffed with a humble way of course! I decorated some cookies...all. by. my. self!
I am often sourcing and making props for my photo shoots and events, so I enjoy checking in on some really yummy blogs like Bakerella & Sweetopia who make sweets & cookies that are out of this world! I get so inspired but have always admired from a distance. 
(My cake pops for the Archie party)
I have made Bakeralla's cake pops, but cookie decorating has always seemed so tedious and so I had avoided it. But a moment of inspiration came over me (in the form of a cookie cutter!) The cutter was a perfect match for a new design I have just finished, and so with my new found enthusiasm, I set to work.
The verdict...cookie decorating is time consuming, and tedious (don't know if I would want to do hundreds at a time, or start a baking business or anything!), but quite satisfying to see my end product! 
I didn't use royal icing, which I think would give a smoother finish, but all in all, I think they will do the job! You have to start somewhere right?!
Now off to use them in a shoot for my new design!...

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