Monday, May 10, 2010

He makes me a mum!

These photos were taken yesterday - Mother's Day. I love this little face, these long eyelashes, cute slobbery, kissing lips, this blonde curly ducks-tail, these cute little toes and soft padded feet, these chubby little hands that sometimes get into mischief! 
We are dealing with a nearly-2yr-old. So moods seem to swing from extremes everyday...
:: He can be so adorable and say something cute, and then moments later, he can make me tear my hair out. 
:: He sleeps so peacefully, but when he wakes, he can be like a hurricane ripping through my house jumping from one activity to the next! 
:: I can sit and play with and not care about time, deadlines or the things I *should* be doing, but then he can make a job take twice as long as it should because he wants to "help". 
He makes me a mum, and I love him so much! 

Happy mother's day for yesterday everyone, I hope you all had a lovely day and feel so valued and loved! 


  1. So beautiful Jordan - happy mothers day - looks like it was just perfect. Leanne


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