Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Olympics Party

So who loves the Olympics? We had an 'opening ceremony' party on the weekend to watch the kick off of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. 
(Kristy's cute Canadian Cupcakes)
Everyone decided to come as a competing country (but not Australian) and bring & wear something from the chosen country. There was Switzerland with fondue, Germany with sausage and beer steins, the UK with bowler hats and Union Jacks, Canada with patriotic cupcakes & cinnamon buns. 
Everyone really got into it, and was a lot of fun! Hope you all had a lovely weekend too. 

This week is Baby shower week for me, so expect to see some 'work in progress' this week here when you stop by...


  1. Awesome!!! Being a Canadian, I LOVE this! What a great party you had!


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