Friday, January 22, 2010

Pinwheel Party Dessert Buffet

I have been a fan of Amy Atlas’ striking dessert buffets for a while. You can see some of her work on her website gallery here or follow her blog. She has done dessert tables for Martha Stewart & Oprah and featured in many wedding & home design magazines, and she provides a whole deal of inspiration for many people in the party and event world!

I had a big smile, when yesterday I came across this fun pinwheel dessert buffet at The TomKat Studio. It was created by Sharnel from My Loves – My Life for her son’s 4th birthday party all the way from over here in Brisbane Australia! I love, love love these colours together for a boy. (I was actually in Target this week and saw some boys undies in these colours and thought they would be a good base to an invitation design – the source of inspiration sometimes!!). 
She has gone to great detail and created a well designed layout with matching stationery. Hope you enjoy the look and get all inspired like me.

There is an Australian Amy Atlas on the loose, folks - It’s good news for all the Aussie party lovers out there!!


  1. I was going to blog this soon too! Don't you love it and everything Amy Atlas does! You will have to do a desert bar for your sister's baby shower for sure!!!

  2. Thank you for featuring my son's party. I really love your blog, just discovered it via TomKat. The ice cream party is just too gorgeous! I'll be back to look at ever post ever soon,

  3. The dessert party arrangements are simply amazing. Want to have similar pinwheel themed party at one of famous Chicago venues. Will use your buffet table idea there as I loved it a lot. Thanks for sharing this idea.


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