Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Summer Travels | Polkadot Prints Summer Travels | Polkadot Prints Oh man, I have had so many "I really should blog today" thoughts over the past few weeks. But to be honest, the motivation has just not been there. You see...I'm pregnant with baby number three! (yay!) So I've been literally sick & tired for the past 12 weeks. How quickly you forget what the early months of morning sickness is like! (which is a good thing, or I'm sure there would not have been another babe on the radar!).

I've just really retreated into family life of late. Making the most of this waning summer. Not really interested or motivated creatively. Even my regular blog reading went out the window, just wasn't into seeing anything that involved that creative side of my brain! (very weird for me!)

But, the fog is lifting and I notice I am thinking more creatively, sketching and writing ideas down again. It's good to feel 'normal'. 

I thought I'd catch you up in photos on the last few weeks of life at our place, heading back to school & making the most of summer and preparing to move back to Brisbane!

Are your kids on Spring holidays back in Oz? What have you got planned?


  1. Congrats Jordan!!!!!! Big hugs from Oz!!!!!
    Can't wait to hear the details!!!! Cheers Bridie


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