Thursday, July 11, 2013


Nautical Birth Announcement | Polkadot Prints photo 130624_NauticalBirthAnnouncement1_zpsf4a7ba73.png

I recently designed this nautical birth announcement for some friends who had a little boy. They nearly didn't get birth announcments done because they didn't want them to be too feminine. I considered it a success when this little guys dad was won over!
You might not be able to see in the photos, but I printed these on a really lush matte card stock. And I have now added printing as an add-on option for any of my designs. It's been so inspiring to get back to my graphic design & printing roots!

I have add this nautical design as well as a shield design in my shop. I hope to add some more birth announcement designs as time allows. 

A huge thanks to Danielle for allowing me to share her little man with you all xo

Nautical Birth Announcement | Polkadot Prints photo 130624_NauticalBirthAnnouncement3_zps0f6b5e47.png Nautical Birth Announcement | Polkadot Prints photo 130624_NauticalBirthAnnouncement2_zps4d360b55.png Nautical Birth Announcement | Polkadot Prints photo 130624_NauticalBirthAnnouncement4_zps6ed672f2.png


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