Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo of the year!

I know it's not a party, not a new design or a stylish event, but I just have to share!!
Isn't this the best photo you've seen this year? Maybe not to you...but to us, it has been about 6months in coming and, seriously I would be happy with just this for my Christmas present (in fact with all that lies ahead in the next couple of weeks, this could well be it!).

It has been a big year for our little family filled with some fun exciting things but also some very sad and difficult days. There are so many feelings and tangents I could go on about in relation to all the circumstances and events of this year, but I will sum it up by saying - it has been full, it has been fun & crazy, and there were times when I just wanted to sink to the bottom.  I have been encouraged by prayer, friends & family and even Dory from Finding Nemo with her mantra of "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"! What can I say, here we stand -  still 'singing', still holding on to faith and life. We have each other, and we have a bright hope for the future! (And my favourite season is here! Yay for Christmas!)

Many times throughout the year, this blog and business of mine has been one of the strongest, most positive and enjoyable things in my world. And I truly love it! It is my passion, my 'sweet spot' as it were. It doesn't feel like work at all. I feel very privileged to be able to pursue my dreams, and I'm ever so grateful that there are many people who think my creative endeavours and business is worth supporting, purchasing and following. A huge thank you to you all!

Wow, it sounds like I've skipped Christmas and jumped ahead to the New Year's resolutions already! But, selling this house has given me such a bright hope for the new year. I have great expectations of celebrating Christmas with my amazing family, and plan new adventures for us in 2011...Bring it!

Oh, and with selling a house comes a garage sale, packing, moving and un-packing...a busy weekend ahead! I don't think I'll be in front of a computer much, but if you are, have a peek at this weeks 'Weekend Whiparound' for some creative inspiration.

:: Secret Storage Books
:: Another stationery wonderland
:: Loving these cushions
:: Everyone's a winner with this craft

See you on Monday!
Jordan x


  1. Congratulations Jordan - exciting times ahead - I can feel it! Happy packing!!! Leanne xx

  2. Sending blessings your way for a brighter 2011!! xx Monique PS. Congrats on the sale, have fun packing;)

  3. Congratulations Jordan! The move can be an extremely stressful time so take good care of yourself! I hope 2011 is a more positive year for you.
    PS Thank-you for picking my name out in the giveaway over at Simply Christmas!


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