Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CELEBRATE GROWN UP PARTIES :: Tracey's 40th High Tea

How gorgeous is this high tea from Tracey Lau?! Created for her own 40th birthday, it's based on one of my absolute favourite colour combinations - blue & chocolate - so classy! Tracey created all this miniature food herself, including this stunning cake! What an amazing lady. 
These chocolate mousse glasses are my personal favourite. Just shows how presentation really makes something 'pop'.
And if you're wondering about the photos...yes, Tracey is a talented photographer too! She lives in Sydney with her husband, and five children...I like her!

And not to take the shine away from this amazing dessert table, but when I first saw this party, other thinking 'WOW' I thought how perfect this theme would work with the 'Jenny' design invitation. What can I say...great minds...! Ha :)


  1. So yummy isn't it - an there are more of the beautiful macaroons! Hope my next table turns out this good!. Leanne x

  2. Lovely! I really like those little mousse cups. So cute.

  3. How perfect is your invitation! Thank you for featuring my party, it also means I have now found you, which I am very excited about - your work is gorgeous x

  4. All very lovely! I love a good high tea :-) Perfect presentation and your invite is lovely Jordan

  5. Wow love that cake ! What a Beautiful party !


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