Thursday, June 3, 2010

CELEBRATE A FIND :: Sugar Swizzle Sticks

Following on from the High Tea feature yesterday, I wanted to share a little find I stumbled across at none other than...the local Aldi. They always seem to have random things for sale there which draw me in form time to time. And that's when I found these sugar swizzle sticks! Cute eh? 
I have seen larger versions of these on many a dessert tables. These are quite small - maybe 1-2tsps of crystal looking sugar. I bought them for only about $3 for 10. Not for the everyday cup of tea, but I could totally use these next time I have a girls night! 'Swizzle' Away!!


  1. Do you know how I have been searching for these - I am off to Aldi to see what I can hunt down - I think we need to lobby to get the big ones here in Australia - have you seen then at all here in Oz or have you seen them online anywhere in the states? Leanne

  2. Leanne, i get mine from the Candy Warehouse in the States. I have a heap of the larger ones, same colour as these, just larger.

  3. I love these! Popped into Aldi the other day to see if they still had any and grabbed several packets!! They were further reduced from $3.99 to $2.99 so I was even more excited!
    I love doing high teas and these will be perfect! Thanks for the up on where to find these lovely little touches Jordan!


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