Monday, March 29, 2010

Boutique Markets here I come!

So after a bit of deliberating, I am officially going to be trading at the Boutique Markets. Held at the portside wharf, where cruise ships come into Brisbane, these markets full of unique handmade items, all classy and stylish.
The next market is on the 11th April! Nothing like a deadline to motivate you eh? 
I have been checking my friend Ros' blog & market tips for some pointers for preparing for my market debut. But I'm keen to learn more tips from those of you who have been a vendor or even if you've not, but have some great ideas as a shopper...I'm all ears!! Wish me luck as I juggle some freelance work and market preparations this week!

Oh, and breaking news...I have a new nephew!! My sister who we hosted the Ice Cream baby shower for here & here, had a little cute! I will have to post a photo...


  1. Very exciting Jords! Will have to come and visit.
    I also think you should win a prize for incorporating the most number of links in the least number of word count for your blog! Very efficient!

  2. Ha! :) So funny! It is looking a little 'pink'!! :)

  3. Oh thanks Jordan and wishing you every SUCCESS for the markets next weekend! I have been meaning to put that market post on my blog too - thanks for the reminder :-) My other big tip is practice your set up at home for it takes much longer than you think to get it just how you want it!


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