Saturday, January 30, 2010

Creative Project - Car Caddy

I enjoy all avenues of creating; home decorating, sewing, paper crafting, event theming etc. So when I'm not in front of my Mac designing for clients & invitations, I often find myself doing something else crafty or design-y away from a computer screen. I thought I might share a few of these projects when I do them.  The latest I just finished tonight and I just need to share it!

Meet...the Cozy Car Caddy!
How cute is this?! It holds 6 matchbox cars and folds up to a surprisingly compact bundle of take-anywhere fun. I first found this cute tutorial at Homemade by Jill. It seemed so simple and it only took about 2hrs to do (broken up in the usual 5 or 15 minute chunks of uninterrupted mum time over the past couple of months, of course!). You can find Jill's full instructions here
I had some road fabric I used instead of the duck cloth and felt combo of Jill's version, and I wasn't feeling like painting, so I just left off that part. I think I would make the car on the front smaller next time though, so that it didn't wrap around, but other than that, I'm *so* happy with how it all turned out!
And most's a huge hit! I have a feeling this is going to live in my handbag and be a great distraction and source of entertainment when out and about! 


  1. That is awesome and wouldn't it make a fab baby gift!!!! Yours is lovely Jordan!


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