Thursday, January 28, 2010

I always judge a book by it’s cover...

I missed an Australia day post – oops! (So much happens in my little world I miss a few days and feel like I need to post 3-4 times to make it up!) Well, to celebrate this awesome country, we had a good ol’ BBQ breakfast with my fam. Got to get those arteries clogged up early in the day, so the rest of the day can be spent by the pool! I forgot my camera…so no pics I’m sorry! So the year rolls on…

Some pics I *do* have...

Recently a spontaneous spurt of interior design energy came over me and I decided my bookshelf was just too messy. I don’t like bookshelves that much, and I’ve always thought that in our playroom I would put up little fabric flaps randomly over the square cubby holes to cover the mis-matched size of books.

But in my ‘moment’, I decided to sort them by colour, at least then there would be some uniformity about the place. So here you have it. The new & improved bookshelf – subtle but just that little bit neater (except the mess on top – should have moved that for the photo at least arh!)

So now I know blue is the most popular book cover colour, and I have way more pink/purple books than I would have ever guessed!!


  1. Such an improvement! It's amazing how simple yet so effective!!


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