Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 photo 131211_GiftWrapping_zps834fab0d.jpg In my head I've been trying to be more consistent with my posts of late, but I never seem to wind up for the week until Wednesday. As a natural night owl, I wonder if this is a correlation to days as well. Slow to start and then full steam ahead come Saturday! One day I'll do what the experts recommend and post 5 days a week. But this is life, this is real and this is how I'm rolling right now!

On a positive note though, I finally got stuck into my Christmas shopping earlier this week. Feels good to cross a few names off the list! I usually wrap my gifts in a theme or colour each year, sitting in front of the movie Elf. I'm really liking this idea from the latest copy of RealLiving magazine. Such a creative idea using garden plant tags for name tags…adding it to my ideas file!

Do you avoid the crowds and nail your shopping early, or do you enjoy the last minute amped up shopping vibes like me?

Image from RealLiving magazine December 2013

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