Friday, December 6, 2013


yum. gluten free magazine - Summer Issue photo 131206_Yum-Magazine_zps15ed2921.png Earlier this year I discovered that I had some allergies which means I now eat a predominantly gluten-free diet. I feel so much better eating this way, and while GF products are becoming more common, it's still quite inconvenient at times.

So, I was really pumped to see a new magazine, yum. gluten free launch a few months back. It's so well designed & put together. I can see it becoming a main stream printed publication you'd find at the supermarket checkout in the future (go Bianca!). The Summer digital issue is out and I can't wait to have a good read!

Since most of us have someone with allergies in their circle of friends these days, maybe you're stuck on what to serve at an upcoming Christmas party you're hosting? I thought this might help you out with a few ideas…yep, you're welcome!


  1. This is something new! I love the idea of a magazine dedicated to GF recipes! Can't wait to check it out some time :)

  2. Would love this...but I imagine it's an Australian publication...*sigh*

  3. It's digital though Susan, so you can still read it online! : )


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