Saturday, June 22, 2013


Canada Day | Polkadot Prints photo 130621_Canada-Day_zps1741eb29.png
It's Canada Day next week. So for my lovely Canadian readers, here are a few essentials to celebrate July 1st in all it's red & white glory!
And, if you need some printable goodness, you'll find my Canada Day printables available for automatic download here.

Have a great weekend!
Jordan x

Images // 1. S'Mores Kit 2. Eskimo Baking Cups 3. Drink Dispenser 4. Confetti Garlands 5. Fire Pit 6. Paper Cups & Plates 


  1. Jordan, I just saw this post when I was searching for Canada Day party ideas on pinterest! Thank you for including us!! I just posted a blog with party ideas too! :)

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