Sunday, December 23, 2012


Balsa Wood Gift tags by Polkadot Prints Balsa Wood Gift tags by Polkadot Prints
Are you all ready for Christmas? Food sorted? Gifts wrapped? No, me neither! But I'm getting there! While I like to focus more on the experience and relationships at Christmas, I do love buying and giving gifts.
I shared a super easy way to jazz up your Christmas gifts over on Design Mom. If you haven't checked out these easy Balsa wood gift tags, head on over the turorial. Get your kids involved, they'll love it!

And if you're still looking for some handmade touches at your place, here are a few crafts from Christmas pasts you might like - Christmas lights, clay place cards & hanging cookies
Balsa Wood Gift tags by Polkadot Prints


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  2. oh man, I saw similar letter stamps at restoration hardware this christmas, I am kicking myself for not getting them! Such a great idea!

    Kait, from yuppie love sent me your way and I'm so happy to find your blog!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, wish I had seen this before Christmas! But they'd be just as charming any time of year, right?

  4. I've used my stamps a few times now, so handy. I'd love some a bit smaller too if I ever came across some. Thanks for stopping by Christine! x

  5. Yes, they'd be perfect for any time of the year Bellenza - birthdays, glass charms....anything that needs a name! : )


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