Tuesday, September 25, 2012


When I left Australia, a good friend of mine, gave me these letterpress cookie cutters (available here or here) as a gift. I got a chance to give them a spin last week, which was fun.
I had a little help.Photobucket 
I'm no pro cookie maker, but I do love the Biscuiteers recipe from this book - secret ingredient golden syrup makes them extra delicious! And I will press a bit harder next time.Photobucket

I think they'd make some fun birthday biscuits, don't you? Spelling out the birthday-ee's name, a holiday greeting, or can you imagine a cute wedding proposal? (Not sure how many cookie-making men are out there, but I think it would be really sweet!) 
I'd love to hear how you think you'd use something like these? Letterpress Biscuits
Images // Polkadot Prints

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