Sunday, September 23, 2012


Geese flying south What do you know, birds do actually fly south for the winter! We've been hearing a lot of honking during the days lately as flocks of geese make their way south. It's kind of a novelty to experience things you only know of, or hear about. And they do often fly in an obvious 'v' shape too!! : )

 Here's a few things from around the web that I thought you might enjoy this weekend:

:: Ideas on entertaining your toddler, with graded results
:: Turn pinning into doing with these Craft Kits 
:: Interesting trivia on the cost of big brands 
:: I think these DIY vases would look beautiful for a wedding or Christmas
:: What a cool camping party


  1. I find it so charming to read what you think of Canada as a newcomer! It's like seeing home through new eyes. I've gotten a few smiles out of things that seem so familiar and boring to me, but are strange and new to you.

  2. It's so interesting moving to a new country and discovering a whole new set of 'normal'!
    Even thinking back to Australia what was the 'familiar & boring' to me would also be all different for someone else. so funny! thanks for leaving a comment Corrie ! xo


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