Saturday, September 1, 2012


Pit Lane Invitations
Are you ready race fans?! These are the invitations I designed for Levi's birthday recently. While we didn't do a huge party, (we had just moved and had visitors staying),  we were still catching up for dinner with friends to celebrate his special day. He's at an age we he really 'gets' what birthdays are all about and that a party is a big deal. So I wanted to still do some cute invitations to hand out.

I added a little bit of dimension by rounding one of the corners of the invite with a corner punch. (I even had a keen little helper do that part!)
Pit Lane Invitations Pit Lane Invitations
Then, with the invites being hand-delivered, it meant I could add a few details to the outside of the envelope. Firstly I made some flags with black & white checkered paper folded over toothpicks (free digital paper with the invitation purchase).
Sticking them to front of the 'envelope' aka paper bag. Then covered the sticks with a party dot. I think they turned out pretty cute! And there were no prizes for guessing the theme when our guests got their invitation.
Pit Lane Invitations
I saw this invitation too today. I really love a tactile well thought out invite. It makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only invitation geek out there!
Pit Lane Invitations
Images // Copyright to Jordan of Polkadot Prints


  1. Definitely an advantage with hand-delivered invites...the fun accents you can add to the envelopes! Great job!

  2. Jordan! Hi! What a darling blog you have! :) I am loving it over here! As you know, I found you on DesignMom and I am SO excited to read through your ideas and archives!

    I'll go ahead and be your newest follower ;) YAY!


  3. Thanks Bellenza Bistro! (I couldn't find your email address on your site), but yes, handing out invites gives so much room for creativity. WHo says it has to even be flat, square or rectangle!

  4. Jacy! You're really lovely, thank you for your kind words. I hope you get to have a good look back through the deep dark archives! : ) And so very glad you are my newest follower...thank you! xo


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