Saturday, April 7, 2012


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I know it's been a quiet week around here this week, and you know what that's been manic on the home front! : ) It's been busy here as we pack up our life here and head over to Canada. But we've had some lovely time with family and friends - very much a bittersweet time.

I started my business here in Australia a couple of years ago and really I never knew this whole world of lovely like-minded women online existed. I'm so glad I have met you here and in real life at the markets, photo shoots and other collaborations. My life is all the richer for having you all in it. Thank you for making room in your worlds for me!

And so now the time has come to say goodbye to you too...but just from this chair. There is a new chair and studio space just awaiting me (somewhere...somehow) And we have to still do the final farewells, the sitting on of the suitcases and final weigh in, the cramming in of my favourite Aussie foods, closing of accounts, last minute coat and beanie purchases....(At least it's Easter and there's lots of chocolate around the place to combat the stress!)

See you on the other side friends. Thank you from the bottom of my Australian heart!
Jordan xo

P.S It's been so much fun reading through your entries to the "celebraTORI" giveaway this week. You girls are really party people! I've announced the winner here.

Image // by Polkadot Prints (One of the positives of moving is forcing myself to use up some of my craft supplies. This thank you parcel was for a teacher of Levi's - Wrapped in Love Mae paper, The Twinery twine & Bespoke letterpress tag)


  1. Jordan- Hope it's a great journey for you and your family. You can definitely use your assets in a new way in your new adventures. Enjoy and live the moment!

  2. Canada is great... a little colder though



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  8. Thank you for making room in your worlds for me!


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