Thursday, February 16, 2012


As I promised, here are the details for the DIY cake stands from the 'You are Beautiful' women's Christmas Party I helped out with last year. It's an idea that I thought you might find helpful at your next party or event.
The vision was to create a 'high tea' style event with multi-tiered cake stands. With a limited budget though, buying 40+ of these stands was kind of our of the question. I googled DIY cake stands and found something like this which I thought could work well.

We bought 96 wooden MDF placemats from Spotlight, had some volunteers collect old glasses, like champagne glasses and candle stick holders, from local op shops.
I, (well, actually my very handy husband did this part for me) painted the wooden discs white. I used a multi-purpose glue to adhere the glasses to the bottom side of each disc when I arrived on site to set up (easier transport than having tonnes of glass stands rattling around in my car!).
I designed 'talking placemats' with four encouraging phrases on them, to cover the wooden discs and create an easy clean up. The perfectionist in me didn't like the mismatched bases, but in the end the different levels on the table actually looked good.
The girls in the kitchen placed all their yummy sweets and savouries on the stands ready for taking out to the tables. They looked so beautiful!
You can see the full event here.


  1. they look fabulous! I've seen the DIY on's Pinterest but haven't tried to make one yet. I'm with you on the perfectionist side of things as I'm exactly like that, but with the food on them they look perfect :)


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