Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hey folks, I heralded in the first weekend of December with my first two Christmas parties this past weekend!
Saturday was a beautiful afternoon spent at Sirromet for the Womens Business Christmas party. Organised by Daneve of Ah-Tissue, it was the last chance of the year for women and mum's, who also live in this virtual world, to get out from behind the computer and have a conversation with a real person! I'm there at the back (3rd from R) between Linda from Bubble & Sweet & Bianca from Peekaboo Magazine. So many great girls and not enough time!
I also have to mention that I actually won something (!!) - a gorgeous necklace from Ruby Olive, thanks Skye! And we all went home with some seriously great loot from the goodie bags - yay!
Sunday was fun with friends...and some little reindeer. No, I didn't make them, but they were too cute not to share!
And we also have a full house with my mum and sister around (waiting for the twins to arrive!). C'mon little babies!

There are some great parties and Christmas ideas around too at the moment, I've been pinning a lot of new stuff, are you on Pinterest yet? Email me if you want an invite. So inspiring!

Hope you're enjoying the first full week of December!

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