Thursday, October 6, 2011


I designed these invitations for my sisters baby shower I shared with you earlier this week. They are keeping the gender of the babies a secret, so a sage green was a perfect neutral colour choice and we went with a 'Perfect Pair' theme. She wanted something a bit chic and not really 'babyish' for her shower, so I drew a lot of inspiration from weddings on this event.
I didn't want it too tacky and cartoonish with the pairs, but create a more soft and sophisticated look with the rustic little nest and detail. Photobucket Photobucket
The invite was given in a lined envelope with an address label wrap (a new printable item?!). I think they turned out so pretty. I can't wait to design some matching elements for it!
Lots of preparations and fun crafty props to make for this one. Yay! I've been propping all day it feels like for this celebration - this morning and tonight, I'm getting really excited! I can't wait to meet these little guys...or girls!


  1. Really lovely Jordan! Twins - eek!! Twice the love to share around hey. I can imagine your family gatherings will soon be held in the park only to fit everyone :-)

  2. Brilliant pictures. keep updating more and more..


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