Monday, August 15, 2011


"Hello my name is Jordan and I'm a carnival lover"...And carnivals don't get much bigger than our state's 'Ekka' that's on at the moment.
I hadn't been in a few years and we really wanted to take Levi as it was his first time.

So, after an Ekka drought, there are a few things I learnt about our annual show...

1. Catching the train to the Ekka and back is an event in itself to a three year old
2. The 'old school' exhibits are still the best as ever - the woodchop, baby animal nursery, stunt drivers, and baking & cake judging!
3. I should have been putting money away for months to pay for all the over-priced games and food!
Photobucket Photobucket
4. Saying "Gentle"to a child holding a baby chick is a waste of breath. (Thank you Lord it didn't die on me...that would have been a memory-maker!)
5. The reality of eating a Dagwood dog is not as good as the memory of eating a Dagwood dog
6. Choc dipped strawberries are always as good as you remember
7. Don't take your child on a ginormous slide after they wake up from a nap, it's hard to recover from that.
8. Showbag pavillion = human sandwich
but finally...

9. No matter how old you are there is nothing quite like fireworks to end a great day!

Hooray for family fun! Do you have an annual show in your city? What's your favourite part?

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  1. Loved the EKKA highlights. Just took my kids the other day and it always amazes me with what they want to highlight to Daddy and Grandparents after a day. It's such a big deal here and it's the talk of town for days leading up. I think you leave with fun memories, plenty of laughter, and a lot less money in your pocket. Glad your day was enjoyable.

  2. I know you never really know what's going to be a hit with your kids! So glad you got to experience some true 'Brisbane-ness'! Brynne! :)


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