Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Tour Party with Creative Inc. :: WISH LIST

I have been reading a couple of inspiring things lately about business...dreaming big, having an entrepreneurial spirit, passion and living in your 'sweet spot'. I am processing a lot behind the scenes, my mind is working overtime! The next book on my list is Creative Inc. by Joy and Meg. You have to check out their stop-motion promotional video ( clever!) And you can get a few insider tips for promoting your work here. They seem like such a talented duo, and I think they would have so many worthwhile things to say on freelancing, designing, promoting your work...I've put it on my Christmas list!

This party was for one of their stops on their book tour. Don't you just love those tassles? You can find them here. Oh to sit down with these ladies and talk shop! Things like this make me wish for face to face  retreats/summits for bloggers and creatives here in Australia...a little dream of mine...x

Images via Oh Joy!


  1. A retreat would be awesome. I'm in the process of setting up my events business in Perth. Just lodged my business name...hopefully I get it. There is a lady in Canberra that does photography retreats, you could get ideas from that.

  2. If it is anything like the first book it should be fabulous!!


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