Monday, November 8, 2010

Behind the Scenes :: Photoshoot & Mathilda's

If you're a fan of Polkadot prints on facebook, you know that I have played a part in a Christmas/New Years project for Peekaboo Magazine's next edition.
The New Years shoot was last week, and I promised to show you some behind the scenes, but the photos I took would have either revealed a little too much of the finished product, or they were a little bit *too* behind the scenes if you know what I mean (blinking, blurry, strange facial expressions etc) So here are a couple from the Christmas shoot we did a month ago...
(All the paper, ribbon, props ready to go)
(Sharnel & Naomi making sure they're getting the right shots...serious work! :)
I always enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes of other people's projects, I hope this gives you a little glimpse into mine.
Also, I had a wonderful weekend at Mathilda's Markets on Saturday. I laughed when a couple of people introduced themselves as 'blog stalkers'! So funny to think I have stalkers :) Well, welcome to my new 'likers' and followers, stalkers or not. Thank you for kind words over the weekend and I hope you enjoy your paper goods!
I have a Christmas craft on my list to do this week with a tutorial to share with you. Better get gluing!


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