Friday, November 12, 2010

Trike & Kite 1st Birthday

I'm really loving this vintage, 'old school' party that my new blog-friend, Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous, shares from her son's 1st birthday. 
Such a sweet them for a little boy (you couldn't do this theme when their five I'm sure!) Sarah made the food and designed all the printables - the kite and bicycle are a cute combination, don't you think? She is one talented designer! (She also creates gorgeous designs for mum's and their businesses - I wish I had thought of her 'menu' of services!) But, back to the party... 
These brown paper packages with twine were the take home favour. I like it! You can find more photos and details of her printables here.

And, you may be wondering where that promised craft project went from this week. Well, I have been asked to join The Twinery's design team (yeehaa). I've decided to make that project one of my first submissions...will let you know when it's up!

Here are a few things I came across this week that might just take up more of your time on this here computer!
:: Hanging play tent
:: Another great substitute for the pom-pom
:: I would love to see how this was made
:: She now has an online store for those of us who don't live in Sydney!
:: Wouldn't all these things make work a little brighter? (and deplete any stationery lovers' bank balance!)

Have a great weekend!


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