Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Real Life :: Back to reality from Sugarland

We had a great week with our friends. But, back to reality this week. It's great to have time off - I get time to think, plan and dream, and then when I get back into it all, the to do list is huge! Ha! 
So worth it & refreshing though!
One highlight of playing tour guide to our overseas friends was taking them up to the Sunshine Coast to the beach this past weekend. We visited a market where I struck a gold mine of cake decorating! Sugarland's website nor my photos do not do justice to this place packed full of cookie pops, cake toppers, cupcake papers etc. You can smell the sugar when you walk past!
I am itching to do something with these...


  1. Oh I wish I found those for Anya's polkadot red & white party last year!!


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