Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Shower Week - Asian Vege Steamer

Okay, so...up late working on a deadline for a client...sometimes life is a little too full. Which = stress! But to ease the pressure, I looked through some photos of my fun baby shower and surfed some creative blogs! Back to happy!

Here's a couple of the photos - This is a regular Asian vege steamer right?, but...only if you are wanting to cook Asian vege's... can use it to display yummy treats!  
I've lined the two layers of the steamer with the baby shower pattern for use at the upcoming ice cream sundae party and I'm going to put some garnishing things in it! 

Well, I am off for the weekend. Off to get ready for my sisters baby shower (she's having a baby!! - big yay!), Off to enjoy my little family, Off to get some sleep... 
Happy weekend one and all!

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