Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Countdown is on!

I have been building up my collection of Christmas decorations throughout my 5years of being married. It’s getting there slowly.
I have a red, white and blue theme going on. It is a classic colour scheme and I love it. Reminds me of Northern American Christmas – Starbucks coffee cups, snowy skies and gingerbread men…strange, but good vibes!

To expand my collection this year, I made an advent calendar as blogged about by one amazing blogger that I cannot remember!! (I have searched throughout my history and cannot put my finger on her blog - she also made some really cute turkey cookies with candy corn...hmmm if anyone knows...please help so I can give some cred where cred it due! - I am now way more organised with my blog bookmarking by the way!)

(Advent Calendar inspired by a friendly blogger!)
I was feeling adventurous, so sewed my version out of fabric (hers was based on candy canes tied to upholstery webbing - clever!), and a cute polkadot binding I found at Spotlight. I don’t really like how long it takes to eat Candy canes, so instead I tied up Lindt chocolate balls – quick & divine (and even fitting in with my colour scheme – thank you Lindt!!)
Unfortunately our little advent calendar was melting in this heat, so it now lives in the fridge where we remove one chocolate a day!

I will have to replace it with something un-meltable next year!

(We were ahead in our countdown for a little bit...)
Oh, and we did get a little ahead on our advent countdown when I found this mysterious wrapper lying on the loungeroom floor...hmmm someone can reach higher than I thought! :)


  1. Love this advent countdown using Lindt chocolate. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!


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