Monday, January 23, 2012


While I'm spending some quality time bonding with our new baby, I'm privileged to have some blogging friends pop in here and share some fun. A huge thank you ladies!
Hi everyone!  I'm Becca of the blog CAKE. and I am thrilled to be helping out while Jordan is away spending time with the newest addition to her family.  I've been a longtime fan of Polkadot Prints and though I can't hope to replace Jordan's talent, I'm offering up a little freebie to help ease the blow of her absence.

Every new mama has heard the advice 'sleep while the baby sleeps', but with so many people (big + small) crying out for your attention, sometimes a nap begins to feel like an impossibility.  I designed these door hangers as a little gift to Jordan during her maternity leave, and for all moms who could use some serious R+R.  Simply print the file onto heavy cardstock, cut and hang over your door knob- either on your front door to warn off guests that unexpectedly drop by OR outside your bedroom and nursery to remind your family to keep the volume down during naptime.

Hope you enjoy... and finally get that nap you deserve!
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{Images: Cake.}

P.S We get more than our fair share of door-knockers in our area, so this will definitely come in handy at our place! - thanks Becca


  1. Thank you for sharing this! What did you print it on? Did you send it away to a printing company or just do it from home?

    Thank you to the moon and back! :)


  2. Hi Christina, you can print it at home onto thick paper or cardstock. Even laminating it would make a paper version more sturdy and protect it a little from the weather if used outside. I hope that helps! Rest well!

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