Sunday, February 10, 2013


Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_Valentines-Fairy-Bread-Lead_zps5e8e7016.png
It's not till you move away from your home country, that you fully realise the foods that are iconic to your heritage. At least that's what I've found. There are the stand out obvious ones, like Vegemite & Milo, but now that we've lived here for a while I'm finding a few different things that aren't on the regular line up of food. Like Lamingtons, passionfruit pulp in a can, or for that matter pavlova for the passionfruit-in-a-can to decorate, Coke spiders (remember these mini's ones?), tasty cheese..., and the grocery list goes on!

Which brings me to today's post - Fairy bread. Oh, yes the humble birthday party staple from my childhood. Cheap & fun, and a little bit retro! I haven't seen this here yet (please correct me if I am wrong fellow Nth American dwellers! :)
But I'm a bit of a weirdo and want my kids to experience stuff that I have happy memories of when I was a kid. So the other day I randomly made some regular fairy bread or afternoon tea; which went down a treat! Sprinkles & butter on bread? Oh yes!

It got me thinking to add some Nutella to the equation...just becuase. I'm probably not the first to think of this, because really, who doesn't like Nutella??

Now this isn't rocket science, but it was fun to kind of shoot these photos as I made them (and made them all heart shaped for Valie day coming up!).
Maybe I'll just have to introduce it at the next kids party I host!.... : )

Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_Valentines-Fairy-Bread-Supplies_zpsa441c5b6.png
Simple supplies you'll probably have on hand -
// Bread (traditionally on white, but we are brown bread eaters, so brown it is!)
// 100's & 1000's aka sprinkles
// Nutella
// Cookie cutters if you want.
Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_ValentinesFairyBread3_zpsafcae0ce.png Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_Valentines-Fairy-Bread-Sprinkles_zps9c97b1a4.png
Choose your 100's & 1000's appying technique - the sprinkle vs the face plant. I'm a face plant kind a girl as it give a good thick coating! :)
Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_Valentines-Fairy-Bread-Crusts_zps128cac47.gif
Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_ValentinesFairyBread10_zps09b30450.png Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_ValentinesFairyBread11_zpseb17041c.png Chocolate Heart Fairy Bread | by Polkadot Prints photo 130205_ValentinesFairyBread14_zps4d9c74e7.png
Enjoy with some milk and be prepared the wipe away some little chocolatey smiles : )

Happy weekend! I'm off to help Levi create his first ever class valentines...with me luck!


  1. So Sweet this post, your Photos are absolutely lovely! Hugs ELI

  2. Great post and very well thought through. Helped a lot! I'm want you to suggest your link on under the Design tag for more learners

  3. Oh, my grandchildren would love this!

  4. Thank you so much Family Tour Thai & Bellenza Bistro! I didnt' see your email to personally reply, but thank for your comments. I hope you get to enjoy making these with your little people! xo

  5. I am visiting Australia from America and just heard about fairy bread.. I think I would like this variation better

  6. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! My little niece would absolutely adore these, she's going through a very girly princess stage and I'm sure she'd appreciate these at her picnics!

  7. I m looking for ideas for tinkerbell theme oarty for my toddler.
    This seems to be an awesome replacement to the cake pops.
    Although I just have one concern on how to carry them from home to tha hall where we are hosting party as I woukd be preparing around 50 of them.

  8. These are marvellous, they'd be absolutely perfect for a kid's birthday party!

  9. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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