Wednesday, January 25, 2012


While I'm spending some quality time bonding with our new baby, I'm privileged to have some wonderful blogging friends pop in here and share some inspiration. A huge thank you to Leanne from Sweet Style in Sydney is getting me craving some cake in a jar!


I have a thing for interesting jars but I also have a thing for jars that have multiple uses!  My latest love in jars is the fabulous Ball Mason Jar - yes I love the antique vintage blue ones but this one is brand new and is so versatile.
It is the perfect size for a cake in a jar - a great way to serve your guests at a party or even as a take home gift - change the colour of the patterned paper in the lid and you can match the theme of your event.  Here I have layered a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting to go with the festive red dots and twine used as decoration.  Attach a spoon and an instant dessert is ready.
When you have finished your cake you can then use your jar as a fabulous way to serve your next drink.  
Just right with a delicious ice cold summer punch and they look cute with these little lids that are a perfect fit for a stripey straw.
Eating cake and drinking punch just keeps getting more enjoyable.
You can find all of these lovely goodies in the Sweet Style store here.


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